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The World Health Organization research indicates that over 1 billion people in the developing world have refractive error (the technical term for improperly corrected vision) as the number one cause of low vision in the world today. An increase in life expectancy will worsen the problem of older people to focus on close objects, requiring reading glasses. Using the World Health Organization's recommended measure of a health issue's effect (the Disability Adjusted Life Year), refractive error will rise into the top ten global health issues affecting productivity and opportunities by 2030, passing HIV/AIDS in its global burden.

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At SightsUnseen we are passionate about improving the lives of the people in the developing world, we do this by offering self-adjustable glasses that allow people to see in a new perspective. Based on the limited data that is available, the Centre for Vision in the Developing World (CVDW) estimates that there are over 100 million young people (age 12-18) in the developing world who suffer from myopia, or nearsightedness. There are numerous other children who suffer from other refractive error problems across the world that SightsUnseen has identified to receive the Adspec glasses that can correct this vision problem with your help.