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Our Story

SightsUnseen was established based upon the tremendous need in the developing world for access to basic eye glasses to correct near and far-sightedness. This need was seen firsthand by one of our founders, Kelly Broome, during his many deployments into the developing world for post-conflict support or disaster relief. Kelly facilitated the distribution of a small number of the glasses during one deployment and became an ardent fan of a simple solution to an extremely important challenge. He sought out Dr. Joshua Silver, designer of the adjustable glasses called Adspecs and founding member of The Centre for Vision in the Developing World to establish a partnership to distribute Adspecs where they are needed.

Kelly asked a college friend, Rick Moon , to join him in founding SightsUnseen as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the beginning of 2013 and the organization was established. Soon the members of the Board of Directors were being recruited and the overall structure of SightsUnseen as a charitable corporation established in San Antonio, Texas was complete. Together with a growing number of enthusiastic supporters our organization continues to grow and establish support from both individuals and service organizations like Rotary International.

As a charitable organization, SightsUnseen seeks to identify communities in the developing world who are in need, locate and recruit sponsors to assist in funding and local distribution, transportation to and placement of distribution sites. We also seek to establish partnerships with like-minded governmental agencies, charitable organizations, non-profits already operating onsite as well as foundations and benefactors. We believe that if we approach this challenge as a team and can work with and through existing capabilities we can accomplish more than if we try and work alone.

Our Focus

SightsUnseen is focused on the distribution of adjustable eye glasses and educating the public on the need for vision correction in the developing world. We support the research and development of adjustable eye glasses through our partnership with the Centre for Vision in the Developing World and facilitate clinical trials of the glasses during distribution to eliminate redundancy and maximize distribution to those in need. We also ensure that SightsUnseen has a coordinated information campaign with our sponsors and benefactors that includes all media (television, radio, print, web-based and social media) to educate the public and share our message.

We realize that there are numerous competing draws for limited resources so we at SightsUnseen seek all methods to reduce costs so that we can maximize distribution. Whether that is teaming with an existing charity to share space or personnel or using available transportation assets that are donated for us to move glasses we leverage all resources that we find available. The mission to put glasses on the faces of those in need always comes first.