We Work

Sights Unseen around the world

Governmental and International Organizations Support

SightsUnseen will work to support the efforts of Governmental and International Organizations as they seek to provide better vision to people in the developing world or in crisis/disaster relief situations. Examples of governmental support includes international outreach programs to build rapport with the people of other countries or that increase capacity for reading development as well as domestic programs to help a local population see or participate in literacy or skills training programs.

Domestic Disaster Relief efforts may consist of supplies of glasses for people evacuated from natural disaster areas where they have lost their belongings and an interim supply of eyewear allows them to function until they can reach an optometrist or recover their eye wear from their homes.

Similar to the Domestic Disaster relief efforts above is support to International Organizations that are chartered to meet the needs of refugees and displaced persons. This includes organizations such as the International Red Cross or the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees. Our mission in these cases would be to allow people is desperate circumstances to continue to study in schools, maintain vocations and take care of their families while in refugee camps or displaced person camps. One can imagine, there are extremely limited medical support or eye glass production capabilities in any of these scenarios.

Multi-National Corporation Sponsors

SightsUnseen will work in concert with any Multi-National Corporation (MNC) that seeks to improve the lives of the people in the developing world. In many cases these companies have facilities in areas with little or no medical capability, especially for prescription eye glasses. These MNCs have philanthropic interests in the developing world that are targeted at enhancing the ability of the people to better their lives and the future of their country. Additionally, MNCs have extensive logistical capabilities in remote areas that they can leverage to bring eyewear to the local populace in remote locations.

Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations

SightsUnseen seeks to work in concert with Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations that are already operating in the developing world and whose efforts we can augment. Examples include charities that provide eye surgeries but do not have the capacity to provide eye wear. We can work alongside their effort to provide prescription eye wear without detracting from their mission. Churches that support literacy programs but have no mechanism for providing eye wear are also a viable partner since poor vision is a distinct impediment to reading.

We also seek to partner with local and international service organizations, for example Rotary Club International, in order to distribute glasses using their knowledge of the local populace's needs and infrastructure. We will team with these service organizations to distribute glasses and use their language skills and contacts in the local community to efficiently distribute the eyewear in the most effective places and at the correct time. These efforts allow us to reduce operating expenses and focus on maximizing the number of glasses delivered.

SightsUnseen Direct Support

SightsUnseen will also provide direct support as a stand-alone entity where needed. These are cases where there is no existing organization that we can team with and there is a compelling need for eye care in the local community. This may be an area that is recovering from a depressed economy and has found their medical services are diminished and there is no international/domestic relief effort or a locally operating charity, non-profit or service organization functioning. We will seek to locate local leaders who can identify the towns or villages which can benefit the most and assist us in finding local workers to support distribution to the communities.

Information Support

In all of the above situations, SightsUnseen will work to establish an information campaign to educate the local populace about the opportunities for eyewear provided in concert with SightsUnseen and our partnering companies, agencies and organizations. We will develop media that includes television, radio, social media and printed formats and is fully integrated and coordinated. We believe that more people understand our efforts the more opportunities we will all have to work together to better vision in the developing world.